Ascendead Master
by Sono
381 再生

opera_yu: 摩天楼オペラの悠です。本日は本当にありがとうございました!そしてこれからもぜひよろしくお願いします!余談ですが彩雨の尻は本当に柔らかいんです。
I’m Yuu from Matenrou Opera. Really thank you for today! And from now on please treat me well without fail! By the way, Ayame’s butt is really soft.


YUKI&Ayame (Matenrou Opera)
YUKI : I went to Matenrou Opera event. No matter how I watch, it was totally cool live. ☆ The announcement of new song was very cool too. (^^)
Ayame : Cheers for good work . Thank you very much for coming today!Somehow I was nervous at live after a long time(laughs)
YUKI : No,no, it was completely fine (^^) Ayame,let's drink next time too ☆
Ayame : By all means!Please take care of me again!
Sono(Matenrou Opera) : New single ,,Chimeisho"(Fatal wound) completed!There are many different songs
HIZAKI : Wonderful title !!
KAMIJO : Great title!